Luxury Yacht Cruises to Vietnam’s Beautiful Destinations

Vietnam has numerous natural wonders making the country one of the most picturesque destinations in this part of Asia. This historic nation extends to more than 1,600 kilometers along the eastern shoreline of Indo China peninsula. Ho Chi Minh City has emerged as one of the more vibrant urban hubs in the region. You will surely be fascinated by the busy thoroughfares filled with people, scooters and motorized bicycles. A tour of the verdant rice paddies in the north and Mekong River Delta in the couth will surely prove to be a very rewarding experience.

By taking one of the luxury yacht cruises, you will catch sight of the floating markets such as the one in Cai Rang where local produce is sold on a daily basis. Another must-see place is Ha Long Bay at the Tonkin Gulf. These small limestone islands (more than 3,000 in all) are speckled with attractive-looking beaches which are perfect for swimming or simply frolicking around. The islets are approximately 160 to 300 feet high and majority of these are not accessible to visitors. The bigger atolls contain caves that have become favorite destinations for foreign tourists. In fact, a recent online survey in 2011showed that Ha Long Bay is included in the list of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Nha Trang is another site that you can visit while taking a vessel cruise. It is one of the more popular beach resort towns situated along the pristine bays of Vietnam. The place is acknowledged as the scuba diving center of the country. Right after a refreshing tour, make sure to drop by the Cu Chi Tunnels. These underground passageways constitute a massive network of underground channels approximately 40 kilometers northwest of Saigon. The tunnels were used by the Viet Cong as sanctuaries during the war and base of operations during the famous 1968 Tet offensive.

Phu Hoc is the biggest island in the country and highlights tropical wooded areas, untouched coral reefs and beaches. One of these seashores is Bai Dai or Long Beach which was hailed by the foreign news network (ABC News) as one of the most attractive and cleanest beaches in the whole world. Phu Hoc has gained prominence for its fermented fish sauce. On the other hand, Mui Ne is a small unknown beach near a remote fishing town. However, recent development efforts have transformed Mui Ne to a kite-flying and wind-surfing venue.

Go on an Adventure With a Yacht Charter in Vanuatu

If you have ever dreamed of hiking through a rain forest, or viewing stunning waterfalls, a Vanuatu yacht charter will make you feel like you are in paradise. In particular, you may want to visit Vanua Lava. This charming island is home to some of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in the world. As you watch them empty into rivers, and even the ocean, you are sure to wish that you could spend your entire life watching the water fall over volcanic rocks formed millions of years ago.

Aside from pristine waterfalls, a number of islands in Vanuatu still have active volcanoes. Without a question, if you are in the area during an active eruption, you are sure to enjoy watching the display of volcanic fireworks from the safety of the yacht. At the same time, you can just as easily enjoy visiting one of the other islands, or go diving during the daylight hours.

When you go on a Vanuatu yacht charter, you will also have many opportunities to explore some of the most fascinating cave systems in the world. For example, Ur├ęparapara Island features a stunning bat cave that is sure to fill you with wonder for these fascinating animals. While you are on Ur├ęparapara Island, you can also stand on the edge of a crater formed by an extinct volcano. As you look out over the water and rugged landscape, you are sure to feel like there is no place else in the world that offers so much adventure.

No Vanuatu yacht charter adventure would be complete without a visit to the Solomon Islands. When you land in this area, you will be able to meet indigenous people that have a rich and vibrant culture. If you choose to eat with them, or simply spend time at the markets, you are sure to enjoy all the differences that make these people so unique and special. That said, if you are looking for a bit of mystery and magic, the folk traditions of Maewo are sure to entrance and charm you as much as the surrounding waterfalls.

There is no question that yacht charters around Vanuatu offer some special surprises for divers. In particular, you may want to pay a visit to the sunken remains of the President Coolidge. As you may be aware, this particular shipwreck is the largest one in the world that remains accessible to divers. As you probe the ruins of this once mighty vessel, you are also sure to enjoy swimming with sharks and dozens of other underwater inhabitants.

Even though your vacation may be less than two weeks long, a Vanuatu yacht charter will provide you with endless opportunities for excitement. If you want to enjoy hiking through a jungle wilderness, watch volcanoes erupt, dive to see shipwrecks, or witness folk magic, you can easily fit them all into one itinerary. No doubt, once you visit Vanuatu, no other vacation destination will ever compare in terms of sparkle and adventure.

Enjoy Your Vacation With Mira River Boat Tours

Canada is the land of water bodies. You will find the finest scenery along the rivers and lake shores of Canada. Nature can be viewed in its entire splendor while traveling through the natural decor of Canada. It is no wonder that you will also find the best boat tours available here and since the tour operators are so great in number it is also no wonder that you will get the best deals here too.

One of the best boating spots is the Mira River of Canada. There are plenty of boating companies that offer very attractive Mira Boat tours on the Mira River. This is a very scenic tour that has a lot of foreign and local tourists flocking to take a Mira boat tour and enjoy a vacation on the River Mira with family and friends. Some even venture to go it alone.

The departure of the Mira Rive Boat Tours will depend greatly on the tour company and this will depend on the weather conditions and the other activities the tour has planned for the trip. Many of the Mira River Boat Tour companies offer different packages for their tours. These could include a half-day Mira river boat tour or a full-day tour and even overnight tours on the Mira River. The over night tours are something no tourist will want to miss. The quaint rooms on the boat are romantic especially when the boat is quietly sailing on still waters in the silent moonlight or during the sunrise at dawn. The boating tour company usually offers an option of just bed and breakfast for the more economical Mira River Boat Tours.

When you plan your Mira Rive Boat Tour you should be aware of the necessary things you need to take with you on the tour, especially if you are going on an over night tour. You will definitely not want to leave your photography equipment behind as you will not get any on rent from the tour destination. Binoculars are a must to see the scenery. An overnight bag can be a great help as well in case you find the bedding inadequate, and remember that you will be out on the water in the day time with the sun shining down on you and being reflected towards you from all sides by the glistening water, so take along a lot of sunscreen lotion for the trip along with a pair of good sun goggles.

Swimming clothes, towels and fishing gear are among the other essentials you might think of packing away for the trip, though many Mira River Boat Tour companies provide fishing gear for reasonable rentals.